2022 KNU General Meeting highlights


The meeting commenced at 7pm on November 17, 2002, at KPUMC’s Fellowship Hall II. President John Crowley introduced the other members, gave a brief organization overview, and listed open committee positions to be filled. Eric Folkerth, Senior Pastor of Kessler Park United Methodist Church, discussed renovation plans to the building and grounds. Other changes to KPUMC include moving the school to a separate location which will allow KPUMC to start their own pre-school.  He issued a survey to meeting attendees asking for feedback/ideas. Next on the agenda, John Crowley discussed 2022 wins and challenges for KNU. Challenges included the need for more board members and participation post Covid.  KNU was able to pivot this year by making some amendments to the bylaws.  Amendments included making all positions a two-year term as opposed to the previous one-year term, last minute nominations for board positions will no longer be allowed, and one must be an active member in KNU to be eligible to vote in elections. The committee members listed their goals for 2023 to filling board position, increasing dues participation, refreshing some of the islands that are due for maintenance, and setting up a good rotation for tree trimming.

The floor was opened to residents for their comments and suggestions. We thank those residents for their participation and meeting attendance.  

The meeting was adjourned. 

Revised By-Laws:

Section 19 – Corporation Officer Term 

Change from 1 year to 2 years. Elections would take place every 2 years. An annual board meeting would continue to be help every year. The effect of this is that we will not have an election this year and the current board will continue to serve in 2023 (2nd year). Our next election will be in November 2023.

Section 38 – Officer Nominations During Annual Meeting

Will discontinue this. Nominations are due 5 weeks before the meeting for any nominee.

Section 7 – Voting

Must be a current dues paying member to vote. All residents / members can attend and participate in the meeting – voting is restricted to residents / members who are current with dues.

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