A Cup of Jack

Red mug with hot chocolate with melted marshmallow snowman

The holidays are an intimate time for us to gather ‘round the tree with family, friends and neighbors. We like to serve up hot chocolate with a dash of bourbon and Frosty perched on top. It’s always an attention grabber, and a seasonal favorite. Reference the list below of items you’ll need to build your snowmen. First, count out 5 pretzel sticks and 3 marshmallows. You can also use small candy canes instead of pretzel sticks, but you will need to break off the hooked ends. With one pretzel, pierce through 3 marshmallows binding them together like a skewer. Using the other 4 pretzel sticks, simply poke in arms and legs. Now add a candy corn for a nose. You may need to slightly melt the end of the candy corn with a lighter so that it sticks to the marshmallow. To trim out the snowmen, use a ready-made squeeze tube of chocolate decorating icing with a small tip. Add eyes, a corner smile line and buttons. Pour your hot coco into mugs, add a douse of your favorite bourbon or liqueur (unleaded for the kiddos) and garnish with a snowman. Enjoy!


  • 1 bag of large marshmallow
  • Pretzel sticks or small candy canes
  • Candy corn
  • Ready-made chocolate decorating icing in a tub (small tip)

Good tidings and blessings to you and yours from Rusty and me!






Rusty Hampton & Buddy Mercer


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