A Founded Move to Kessler Park


Why did you choose to move to our shared slice of paradise? Was it the proximity to downtown, easy access to freeways, or the character, natural beauty and history of the neighborhood? All those ingredients contribute to a pristine lifestyle. However, maintaining our pristine environs is up to all of us! In 2005, the City of Dallas approved the Kessler Park Conservation District which established protection and preservation of those revered qualities that make Kessler Park “home”. As with any deemed Conservation District, there are compliance mandates that govern our neighborhood. Click here to get familiar with such mandates. If you are renovating or adding on to your property, or fall in the new-built category, make sure you COMPLY with our Conservation District Ordinance. For help during your process, email conservation@kesslerneighborsunited.org with any questions or guidance.
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