A Schooling on Bugs


Okay, so the bugs are out, school is out and the kids are at home! Where to go, what to do, how do I keep the kiddos entertained, and where’s my Biotin supplement for the hair I’m pulling out….

Here’s an interactive and educational activity, that occupies little hands and minds. First, purchase a dry erase board at the local office supply or craft store, along with erasable colored markers and eraser. Introduce the kids to an insect like the June bug or Firefly, with interesting facts, information and pictures. Quick-reference material is available on-line at bugfacts.net. Have the kids draw their rendition of the bug being discussed, like the timely June bug or Firefly. There is plenty of ground to cover when taking on the bug kingdom, so incorporate this activity in your weekly summer routine, learn a few things yourself and give the offspring a dose of summer schooling made fun! Now, go on a hunt for a living specimen, put in a mason jar with air holes, study and release back into the natural habitat. It’s a great way to spend quality family time and connect without gadgets and electronic devices.


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