Are you a Neighborhood “Good Citizen”? Please read.


Being a good citizen goes well beyond the textbook definition of “an inhabitant” of a city, town, locale, or community. It means taking an interest in things that affect the neighborhood, participating in annual dues that fuel day-to-day operations, lending a hand when needed, and espousing a positive, pro-active attitude when annual goals are defined, City of Dallas cooperative contract agreements are followed (19 triangles and medians), Conservation District guidelines are met, and other advocacy strides and measures are executed on behalf of residents that live within the demarcation of Kessler Neighbors United neighborhood association.

Yes, I am a good citizen, and I take pride in the neighborhood!

Being a good citizen also means “being entitled to its (neighborhood) privileges or franchises.” And privileges come with a cost. Much like the City of Dallas that provides services to its citizens by means of property taxes that fuel budgetary appropriations, KNU needs your annual dues payment of $60 per resident to help pay for the MANY operational needs of the neighborhood like common grounds upkeep in accordance with City Mowmentum agreement terms, safety improvements, tree trimming/plantings, utilities equipment maintenance/monthly costs, beautification efforts, storm damage and other contingency needs, special projects, doggie station supplies, legal/accounting fees, website/news/resources at your fingertips, insurance coverage, and the list goes on…

Please reference our 2023 KNU Operational Budget Pie Chart for allocations.

And all of this is accomplished by a FEW dedicated volunteers that serve on the executive board and on other sub-committees. THANK YOU. These folks have stepped up, been voted on by you for a 2-year term, or appointed by the executive board to key committee positions as mandated in the organization BY-LAWS.

Let’s DEFINE the situation at hand. KNU needs YOU to pay dues, vote on key issues, volunteer and take an ACTIVE interest in your neighborhood! Participation is at an all-time, post-COVID low. The lights won’t stay on without your help. YOUR neighborhood association is in jeopardy of dissolving.

WHAT WILL THAT LOOK LIKE? Barren. Literally.

The greenspaces become barren (City mowing only), the lights go off, the water stops running, any storm debris stays put, no upgrades, additions or installations, no maintenance in general, no community enrichment, and no representation.

Bottom line: Residents within the Kessler Park boundary will still have to abide by City of Dallas code enforcement and other restrictions of signs/decor and plantings on islands/medians, Conservation District mandates, and all other applicable City ordinances.  Got an issue? Call the City. Take a number. KNU doors will be closed along with advocacy efforts.

Yes, I want to pay my dues and keep things operational.

Kessler Neighbors United is a 501C3 non-profit organization that benefits all who live here. We are the acting neighborhood association for greater Kessler Park. The board is volunteer driven, along with our many invaluable committees and volunteers who dedicate their time and energies in sustaining our very special and historic slice of the Metroplex.

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