Be resolute in your commitment, it’s the neighborly thing to due!


It’s the start of a new year, and the KNU dues drive is just around the corner. So, what does it mean to be resolute? Firmly resolved or determined in your commitment; to set in purpose. We are asking neighbors to be resolute in your commitment to our neighborhood by contributing the modest one-time annual dues payment. Your participation and investment in the 2022 annual dues drive is vital in tackling day-to-day operations like maintenance of common grounds, safety upgrades, community enrichment and conservation integrity. Plus, it’s the neighborly thing to due. By doing your part in denting the yearly operational budget, you help keep things in motion and quite frankly, help keep the lights on! There’s always the unforeseen need or special project that comes along in addition to budgetary allocations like a utility fix, broken water pipe, a freak weather event, safety concern, supply run or shared expense with the City. Life happens. So, PLEASE pay your dues. Any amount that fits your budget is greatly appreciated.

Major projects were undertaken in 2021, despite a reduced operational footprint due to pandemic implications. Here’s a recap:

Budget / Fundraising 

  • Developed and executed to a revised/ reduced Covid-era budget throughout the year.
  • 2021 dues campaign raised $20.7k total funds via dues, bricks and other donations. 
  • 25% of households participated in the dues program. Participation rate is historically 25-28%. 
  • Rebid tax preparation services to deliver savings and better service.
  • Approximately 44% of the budget goes to grounds maintenance and utilities.
  • As of October 2021, KNU has approximately $50,986 in our accounts. This compares to $45,980 in same period 2020.


  • Conducted 5 beautification days with neighborhood volunteers throughout the year. This included tree trimming, brush removal, new plantings and mulching on the 19 islands KNU manages.
  • Coordinated Island cleanup after extreme cold weather in February 2021
  • Worked with City Arborist to trim and/or remove diseased trees on 3 islands.
  • Maintained all islands in compliance with City of Dallas Mowmentum agreement.
  • Coordinated fabrication and installation of handrail for Belleau stairway
  • Maintained and repaired island lighting, fountain, and irrigation systems Conservation
  • Zoning Issue – Request for a zoning change by owners of 1658 Nob Hill Road was initiated in April 2021. Ongoing. KNU and neighbors made opposition clear and that owners needed to revisit plans and build something within current zoning and conservation district requirements. KNU continues to advocate for and communicate KNU and neighbor position and concerns and monitor progress. 
  • Code Issues – Identified and resolved several neighborhood code and conservation issues.


  • Worked with City of Dallas to repair school zone flashers in the Kessler School area.
  • Crosswalk, signage and traffic improvements at Colorado and Turner.
  • Coordinated with City of Dallas on pedestrian crossing and signage at the Kessler Steps.
  • Identified additional crosswalk needs at significant pedestrian crossing locations in Kessler Park.
  • Partnering with EPKNA and other neighbors on traffic and pedestrian solutions in the Tyler/Sylvan area and the proposed roundabout at W Colorado and Tyler Streets.


  • Relaunched regular, monthly newsletter.
  • Managed 6-month effort to repair and relaunch website. Transitioned look, feel and functionality to new URL and provider.
  • Visit the new website at

Non-KNU Organizations

  • Heritage Oak Cliff (HOC) – Researched and resolved uncollected 2020 grant in the amount of $3648.
  • North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol (NOCUPP) – KNU participation in NOCUPP is a relatively low with participation from approximately 21% of households. Working with NOCUPP on ways to increase participation in 2022
  • North Oak Cliff Greenspace (NOCGS) – KNU again sponsored the annual North Oak Cliff Greenspace golf tournament fundraiser with a donation of $250. The event at the Stevens Park golf course raises funds to maintain and improve greenspaces in North Oak Cliff.

Kessler Neighbors United is a 501C3 non-profit organization that benefits all who live here. YOU are the fiber that lends strength to KNU’s fabric. The resident-elected board is volunteer-driven, along with our many invaluable committees who dedicate their time and energies in sustaining our very special and historic slice of the Metroplex, and quality of life.

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