Changes to KNU’s Membership structure


KNU membership criteria has changed. This board-approved re-structuring of membership criteria pertains to residents that live within our neighborhood association demarcation, and is based on the need to ramp up dues participation, which historically is at 30%, and dropped 12% during Covid. Other considerations were our budgetary framework, City of Dallas commitments, and the overall financial health of KNU. 

We have raised the annual dues to $60, a $5 increase. Membership in KNU is now assigned per person, not per household. $60 equates to one membership and one vote on 2-year term officer elections, neighborhood issues that require your feedback prior to implementation or remedy, special projects, unforeseen expenses, and other directives. 

A voting consensus will take place via our website on the aforementioned items, and the majority will rule.

We ask Kessler neighbors to make a commitment in YOUR community and exercise a spirit of altruism.

PLEASE take note of our 2023 operational budget.

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