City Project Updates that affects District 1 residents


We covered the completion and unveiling of the Kidd Springs Park Japanese Garden renovation last month, which revealed some unbeknownst age-old statues during revamp. BTW, a must-see afternoon stroll is highly recommended. Another City project of interest to District 1 residents is slated to begin in August, details below. The City is currently processing the construction contract for execution.

The Jefferson-12th Street Connector

Project name:   Jefferson-12th Street Connector (PB17V990)

Scope of work:  Removing the Jefferson-Twelfth Connector and replacing it with Kevin Sloan Park, which will include hardscape/landscape, lighting, crosswalks, trash receptacles, benches, and trail paths; new concrete pavement for Clinton Ave, Winnetka Ave, and Willomet Ave; extend existing alleys so each side has an alley approach to Jefferson Blvd and Twelfth Street, Water and Wastewater line replacement

  • Construction cost estimate:   $4,000,000
  • Construction start:  August 2023
  • Construction Days allowed: 395
  • Design Completed:  December 2022
  • Advertisement: February 24, 2023, March 1 ,8, & 15 2023
  • Opening Bids: March 17, 2023
  • Construction contract award: May 24, 2023
  • Construction start: August 2023
  • Construction days allowed: 395

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