Kessler Square and Kessler Highlands

Kessler Square and Kessler Highlands were originally platted in 1923 and currently contain 366 homes. The lots are laid out on a tight grid, with a regularity of setbacks, stylistic influences, scale, materials and landscaping. Both additions were largely built during the 1920’s and 1930’s, with a variety of revival-style cottages and contemporary bungalows. The predominant styles are:

  • Tudor Revival 68%
  • Minimal Traditional 12%
  • Craftsman 9%
  • Colonial Revival 6%
  • Spanish Eclectic 2%
  • Ranch 2%
  • French Eclectic 1%

These additions, along with the two Kessler Park additions, are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The district is noted for its excellent collection of 1920’s-1940’s bungalows and large revival-style houses. The area’s historic fabric is relatively unchanged, with well-built homes, manicured yards and public spaces, and abundant hills and trees. Residents respect, preserve and restore the architectural integrity of their homes, and are proud to live here.

The goals of establishing a Conservation District for Sub-Area 2 are:
Goal 1
Limit the massing and scale of new and remodeled homes and maintain the spacing that is currently created by the consistent placement of driveways.

Goal 2
Discourage the complete demolition of sound homes of contributing styles and ensure that new and remodeled homes fit in with the original character of the neighborhood.

Goal 3
Keep the green spaces of the continuous front yards.

Sub-Area 2: Matrix of development standards: