Create an Account Profile


When you register on-line and create an account profile, you are no longer just a resident of Kessler Park, you’re a true neighbor! Follow these simply steps:

  1. Fill out the Create an Account Profile form. Include your preferred method of contact, upload photos, pet pics, other interesting tidbits and helpful information, so we can get to know you. Some fields are mandatory in order to be included in the directory and for use by Kessler Neighbors United.
  2. Once verified, you will receive an email prompting you to click on an account activation link. Click on the link provided.
  3. One final step is required by you… Go to our website and log-in using your username and password. This action will automatically activate your account and make your profile searchable in the directory. You are in control of your password, profile information, and the amount of transparency, and have access to all website features. Please keep your profile up-to-date as life unfolds, and alert if you have sold your home, you are leasing your property to a tenant, or are a tenant/occupant of a leased home.
  4. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Please review our Privacy Policy.

If you live in the Kessler Park neighborhood and haven’t created an account profile, we are asking ALL residents to do so. This helps KNU maintain up-to-date records, and ensures that you receive time-sensitive and important information regarding our neighborhood.