Don’t let the NOCUPP patrol car pass you by…

Join NOCUPP’s Nov-Apr patrol cycle and rest assured

Can you afford delayed DPD response times? An increase in crime statistics and staffing shortages have contributed to longer response times than the 8 minute or under goal for emergency calls. A lot can happen in 8 minutes! For just $1 a day, or the cost of a senior coffee, your family and home benefits from routine drivebys by private off duty police patrol in fully equipped DPD marked cars, vacation and construction checks, direct line to officer’s phone, first alarm response, heightened security detail, quick response and more.

NOCUPP’s spring-summer 6-month membership cycle (Apr-Oct) is now in full force, join today. The more participation by residents, the more blanketed protection. Don’t let the patrol car pass you by!

Visit NOCUPP’s website for more information.

NOCUPP’s Membership Meet & Greet is on April 26, 6:30pm at the Turner House, 401 N. Rosemont. Special guest Major Pro Tem Chad West will speak on crime prevention initiatives and statistics. Learn more about the many benefits of NOCUPP membership. Light refreshments & wine served. Yes, I’ll be there.

Click here for NOCUPP’s newsletter and more details.

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