Throwing a Halloween party for your favorite ghouls? This classic Frankenstein cake may have a few stitches, but it tastes horrifyingly delicious.

First, start with your favorite cake recipe or box mix. Prepare batter and pour into a round pan. Follow baking directions on recipe or on box. Remove from oven and let cool on rack. You may need to make 2 pans, stacking the cakes to achieve a taller cake height. Next, whip up a white butter cream or sour cream icing, or if lazy and out of time, grab a container or tow of ready-made. Add green food coloring a little at a time, until desired color is achieved. Ice cake. Put in frig for a few minutes to set icing. Remove and pour a ready-made chocolate syrup (preferably one that hardens) on cake top, spreading evenly and allowing syrup to drip down sides. Cut one large marshmallow in half and push 2 halves into cake icing to create eyeballs. Save a little icing to spread on marshmallow halves to stick to icing or secure with toothpicks. Now add a dab of chocolate decorating icing from a tub to the center of eyeballs, and then draw a jagged or stitched mouth. Immediately put cake in frig.

When guests arrive, put the Frankencake out for display. By the time you serve it up, the slices should be at room temp, but with a slight lifeless chill!


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