Golf Terminology on Par


Novice? Golf widow? Devoid of boardroom scorecard talk? Ready to land a big deal at your next power lunch with game enthusiasts? Well then, here are a few golfing terms and definitions to get your “waggle” on.

Golf Terms & Definitions:

Ace – The tee shot is hit and goes into the hole, also known as a hole in one! May be used to refer to someone that is easy on the eyes.

Albatross – An old British term for “Double Eagle,” or 3 under par. Like anyone reading this is going to get one!

Approach – A short or medium iron which is played into the green, often referred to as an “approach shot” (which makes absolutely no sense and need editing).

Bite – The action of the tailspin on the ball, stopping it very quickly on the green. In other words, a second date is improbable.

Caddie – A person who carries a player’s clubs during play and offers assistance in accordance with the rules (this term should really be renamed “Caffie,” due to the large amount of caffeine required to carry the @#$% golf bag for 500 miles, coupled with the mental clarity needed to remember the rules).

Clubhouse – The main building at the golf course where players have refreshments and tell about their 2 under par round. These braggarts usually leave with a longer nose and swagger!

Course Rating – The difficulty of a golf course as in the higher the rating, the harder it is to play. The lower the rating, the harder it still is to play.

Divot – A piece of ground that is taken up by the club after hitting the ball. A good golfer always replaces these divots and tamps them back down so they will grow back again. A good golfer recycles, grows a garden in their back yard and promotes cloth diapers.

Double Eagle – This refers to an excellent score for one hole, or three under par for one hole. This doesn’t happen very often.

Drive – This term means your tee shot. Or if you’ve have too many shots while on the course, please enlist a friend to drive you home.

Drivers – A club known as the 1 wood, which usually hits the ball the farthest. Also known as the person who drives the golf cart with a heavily supplied cooler in tow.

Fat Shot – A shot that is not good. The club hits the ground behind the ball and results in a poorly struck shot that usually doesn’t go far. Kinda like a fat chance…

Fairway – The part of a golf course covered in short grass and extending form the tee to the putting green.

Green – The putting surface on a golf course. Sometimes it refers to confiscated cold hard cash or bills, depending on your occupation.

Grip – This refers to either the part of the shaft by which the club is held by the golfer, or the manner in which the golfer holds the club. May we suggest the trendy new Maggie Lane Women’s combo hounds tooth & white sheepskin glove to help you with your grip.

Lateral Hazard – Any hazard that runs parallel to the fairway. Okay, so we won’t go there!

Starter – The person who is responsible for sending the groups of players off the first tee.

Sweet Spot – The center point of the face of the club. It feels really good when you hit it here. Right?

Tee – A wooden peg used to hold the ball up for driving. Also, a term used for the area where play begins on a particular hole. Tee Time – A reservation at a golf course to begin your round of golf at a specified time. A tee time is most enjoyable when there is no lightning in the vicinity, and someone else pays.

Tourney – Also referred to as “Tournament.” A golf tourney is tournament play using a scramble format. Other variations of the basic scramble golf tournament format include Ambrose, Bramble, Step Aside, Umbrella Game, System 36 and Irish Pour Ball and many more. Can somebody please translate!

Trajectory – The flight path of the ball, or the direction in which you pray it’s going to land.

Waggle – The movement of the clubhead just prior to the player taking a swing, more commonly known as a line dance that gained its popularity a few years back. Oh, that might have been the “wobble.”

Whiff – Swinging and missing the ball. Get a whiff of that action!


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