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We are accepting nominations for open seats on the 2024-25 executive board, ahead of the annual KNU General Meeting slated for November 16th. Please include your contact and other biographical information and email to on or before October 20, 2023. We encourage interested residents living within the Greater Kessler Park boundary to consider running for a board position and serving the neighborhood. Only KNU members who are current with their dues and in good standing are eligible. 

Open positions and job responsibilities are outlined below. Requirements for officeholders as set forth in the organization’s By-laws, consist of serving a 2-year term, attending monthly meetings, and performing the duties and job responsibilities of a given position. Current officers whose 2-year terms are ending, will remain on the Advisory Board to facilitate the transition and support new board members.

Voting will take place prior to the KNU General Meeting via online balloting. KNU members will receive an email next month with a link to the voting platform, or you can access the ballot when logging in to the website and cast your vote within the voting timeframe. Votes will be tallied and announced at the annual meeting and posted on our website.

Open positions on the KNU Executive Board & primary responsibilities:

President – The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and presides at all meetings of the Board. A minimum of one-year service on the Board as either an Officer or Chair of a Standing Committee is required, unless otherwise waived by the current board governance due to unprecedented or extenuating circumstances.

Vice-President – The Vice-President will perform the duties of the President upon his/her absence and has the primary responsibility of organizing and overseeing fun-raising events, community enrichment events and bolstering membership through outreach strides.

Secretary – The Secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings and the Corporation’s records.

Treasurer – The Treasurer has custody of all the Corporation’s funds, manages all account receivables and payables, provides expenditure and deposit receipts to the Corporation’s certified public accountant (CPA), keeps the Board updated on all financial matters, and assists the Corporation’s CPA in filing an annual 501(c)(3) tax return with the Internal Revenue Service.

Additionally, there are various sub-committee seats to be filled. If you are interested in serving on a sub-committee or in some capacity, click here. Sub-Committee chair appointments are voted on by the board and not by the general membership base, as outlined in the By-laws.

WE NEED YOU! Take an active role in YOUR neighborhood operations. More hands lighten the load.

If you haven’t paid your 2023 $60 membership dues, click here.

Plan on attending the annual General Meeting on November 16th at KPUMC Fellowship Hall. Meeting details will be posted on our website next month.

KNU is governed by a non-paid executive committee comprised of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, elected by active paid members that live within the demarcation of Greater Kessler Park. The executive committee serves a 2-year term. The president, with the consent of the other officers, appoints chairs of various committees and special projects. These committees and our many dedicated volunteers serve as the true “working arm” of the organization.  Dues and other contributions are essential to funding the activities, services, and maintenance of our community. Kessler Neighbors United (KNU) is a fully registered Texas non-profit corporation, serving the needs and interests of our residents.

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