It was a Lopper-Drop Fall Clean-Up Kind of Day, Boom


KNU would like to thank the following neighbors and friends below for dropping a lopper, dragging a rake and showing up for the November 9th beautification day! With the outstanding participation of 40 volunteers, we cleaned up 9 islands in all! Wow. The bulk trash piles were a welcomed site and testament to the spirit of volunteerism and a job well done. We could not have done it without Boys Scout Troop 5, Janet Baines, Chad Balch, Calob Balch, Jason Graves, Lila Belitz, Greg Evans, Steve Roe, Linda Franklin, Marco Garcia, Gene Heatly, Jacob Kearns, John Vranac, Robert Kucharski, Amy Liniado, Larry and Annick McNally, Jim Malter, Elaine Gadzicki, Robbie Miller, Cindy Pierce, Robb Puckett, Chuck Daniel, Randy and Karen Trawnik, Ron Veech, Kim Dunbar and Susan Via.

Islands tossed and turned included Argonne,Belleau/Windomere, Colorado/Kessler Parkway, Kensington/Montclair , Kensington, Kessler Parkway/Edgefield, Kessler Steps, Montclair/Colorado and Winnetka.

A few special mentions… Susan Via planted 50 daffodil bulbs for all to enjoy in the coming spring on the Argonne, Clinton, Kessler Steps and Colorado/Montclair islands. Robbie Miller and Cindy Pierce tackled the Lausanne/Colorado island after beautification day in the nick of time for bulk trash pickup! Shew! And Randy and Karen Trawnik planted rye grass on the Belleau/Edgefield island.

All jobs were seriously made easier with the donation of a pole saw by our local Home Depot. What a great community partner!

Kessler Neighbors United relies on folks like you to help get the jobs done year-round through your generous contributions of time, sweat equity, purse strings, sponsorships and more. The modest annual KNU dues and fund-raising events don’t cover all operational needs, so THANK YOU. Truly.

Want to know more about our Beautification Committee and upcoming projects, email, or visit our Volunteer page for other KNU committees.


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