It’s a modest one-time $55 ask, can we count you in?


Yes, we are still driving home the KNU Annual Membership Dues Drive (pardon the pun), and we need to count on neighbors like you to contribute the $55 requested amount and share the load. We’d like to put the drive behind us and get on with required action. Count me in. Dues are essential to maintaining grounds, keeping the lights on, upholding City of Dallas agreements, and oiling the wheels. You get the big picture… 

We have a lot of ground to cover…

In fact, our neighborhood is comprised of 3 sub-areas each with its own slice of history.  

Sub-Area 1:  Kessler Park Additions – The two Kessler Park Additions platted in 1924, showcase large revival style homes built mostly in the 1920’s and 30’s on irregular lots that follow the hilly terrain.

Sub-Area 2:  Kessler Square and Kessler Highlands – Kessler Square and Kessler Highlands platted in 1923, are smaller regular lots with charming revival-style cottages built mostly in the 1920’s and 30’s.

Sub-Area 3: Sam Dealey, Kessler Woods and Timbergrove – Sam Dealey Estates, Kessler Woods & Timbergrove are post-WWII developments with many notable ranch and modern homes on larger lots.

In addition, we have 19 City-owned and KNU managed islands and medians. And then there’s the Kessler Steps, fountains, plantings, signage, sidewalks, benches, trees trimming, safety concerns, dog stations, supplies, overhead, and so forth. ALL day-to-day doings are done by committed volunteers and made possible by your dues. (That last sentence was a real tongue twister.)

Please participate. Become a KNU member.

Kessler Neighbors United is a 501C3 non-profit organization that benefits all who live here. We are the acting neighborhood association for greater Kessler Park. The board is volunteer driven, along with our many invaluable committees and volunteers who dedicate their time and energies in sustaining our very special and historic slice of the Metroplex.

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