Jerry Beech Memorial Fountain and Other Beautification Updates


A Memorial Fountain dedicated to Jerry Beech was recently installed on the Kessler Steps grounds. See photo in Snapshots section. The addition of a memorial plaque will soon follow. We would like to thank the Beech family and participating neighbors for making this water feature possible. It will lend a tranquil permanence to the neighborhood landscape. This is the second memorial fountain to adorn Kessler Park. The other fountain is located at Edgefield/Kessler Parkway and honors Jim and Jewell Medford. Please do not allow your pets to drink from the fountains, as the water is chemically treated and poses a health hazard.

More beautification committee updates…

KNU has contracted a tree service to clear several trees and undergrowth at the Kessler Steps. They remain closed at this time. Oncor has installed the electric meter, allowing for irrigation. We are aware that the grounds need mowing and we are working with the City to begin a regular mowing schedule. Please be patient. The City of Dallas is still dealing with storm damage remnants and other operational demands.


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