Join us for the KNU General Meeting & Recap

  • With 2023 on the horizon, it’s time for the annual KNU General Meeting on November 17th, 7pm at Kessler Park United Methodist Church (KPUMC). Please join us for a year-end recap, impending structural changes to KNU’s operations, By-Laws, membership status and budgetary impact. We hope to see you there!
  • KNU’s Fall Cleanup Day is scheduled on November 19, from 8:30-11:30am. Our Beautification Committee needs volunteers to lend a helping hand. Email to sign up.
  • A reminder to neighbors concerning guidelines for public greenspaces located in Kessler Park… Please do not place signage of any type, plant, trim or remove dead plants, or discard debris of any kind. There is no bulk trash removal service on City property. For public median and island guidelines, click here. The KNU board budgets and approves all improvements to these public spaces within greater Kessler Park. We maintain 18 City of Dallas islands, medians and the Kessler Steps under the MOWmentum agreement with the City.  As the agent for these properties, we are contractually obligated to the City of Dallas to ensure that these greenspaces are safe, well-maintained, and that the line of sight for pedestrians or motor vehicles is not limited or blocked. Liability insurance is a requirement of this agreement. Please reference the City of Dallas Department of Public Works and KNU’s MOWmentum Agreement.
  • There are KNU committees with vacant chair positions that need to be filled. The chairs serve on the board and support the workings of KNU. Committees include new neighbor, beautification, holidays, communications, streetscapes, conservation, membership, and store. PLEASE consider serving. Visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE to fill out a short form. We need more hands to lighten the load, a renewed neighborhood commitment, and the spirit of altruism.
  • NOCUPP’s Nov-Apr membership drive is in full force. For just $1 a day you get lots of perks like 24hr patrol, construction and vacation checks, access to officer’s cell, 1st response, and more! Preventative security detail stops crime before it happens to you. Join now. For updated crime statistics, click on the link located on the home page under NOCUPP’s pie chart. Increased participation by Kessler residents translates to more blanketed neighborhood protection!

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