July 4th Door Décor


I like to glam up the front entrance on ALL occasions, and July 4th is a perfect opportunity to break out the patriotic red, white & blue laurel! It’s a rather easy crafting project to piece together. All you need is a grapevine or wire wreath form for starters, assorted materials like velvet, lame, themed ribbon, or tulle, zip ties or crafting wire, scissors and a few decorations like plastic stars, small flags or silk florals that you can nuzzle in the arrangement. First, cut your materials in long strips. Layer the different materials on top of one another. Grab one end of the layered materials, cinch and tie down to the wreath form. Now, measure approximately 10-12 inches of layered materials, loop, cinch and tie down to the wreath form, creating a poof. Continue this process around the entire wreath form, cutting more layered strips of materials as needed. Separate materials by hand to add volume, texture and definition. Nest in any additional ornamentation and tie down to form. Finished! Simply hang on your door or entryway.

As we celebrate our independence and the freedoms and opportunities that we hold dear, Buddy and I wish our fellow Kessler neighbors a Happy July 4th!

Rusty Hampton

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