What’s in a name?


KESSLER is where we reside, where we live. It’s where home is. It’s where we laugh, cry, rejoice, applaud, pour our hearts out and fill back up. It’s where we nurture and are nurtured, teach, and learn, scream, and shout, it’s where we find safety on bended knee and are lifted up. It’s where memories are made, some good, some not so good, but it’s life. And life unfolds.

NEIGHBORS is what we are, by choice, default or by some grand design that is not of our own. Neighbors is also a verb, a mindful act. Neighbors extend actions of kindness, empathy, a helping hand, a voiced conviction, and a patient ear. Neighbors actively try to work out any kinks, respect those that disagree and find resolve and common ground when faced with opposing ways.

UNITED stands for a communal front, a collection of neighbors who share greenbelts, street signs, sidewalks, dog walks, a fence, a backyard cookout, a holiday gathering, a covered dish when times are hard, and a friendly salutation while on an evening stroll. It’s a mélange of neighbors that live in harmony, and at times, discontent. Nonetheless, United means making a concerted effort to be a good neighbor, advocate for the entirety, celebrate shared interests, and strengthen community and neighborhood vibrancy.

It’s all in a name. KESSLER NEIGHBORS UNITED. We are a village whose residents are enriched by the contributions of one another.

Our annual dues drive is underway, and we would like to meet our operating goals by the end of 1st quarter, increase member participation and continue to care for our neighborhood, uphold conservation district guidelines, fix the sidewalks, address safety concerns, maintain our greenbelts, stock the dog stations, collaborate on an art installation, throw a good block party, and provide residents with valuable resources. And keep the lights on…

Please participate. Pay membership dues. It’s a modest $60 one-time ask.

Kessler Neighbors United is a 501C3 non-profit organization that benefits all who live here. We are the acting neighborhood association for greater Kessler Park. The board is volunteer driven, along with our many invaluable committees and volunteers who dedicate their time and energies in sustaining our very special and historic slice of the Metroplex.

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