KNU’s daily operations are a roller-coaster ride….


That’s right. ALL days at KNU require multiple working parts, and many days present challenges, ups and downs. Frankly speaking, we are volunteer-driven, understaffed, and not in reach of our 2022 funding goals needed to address and maintain all grounds, safety improvements, utilities, communication efforts, City co-op programs and behind-the-scenes daily operations that comprise our annual budget! We are a non-profit that abides by federal government regulations, organization By-Laws, agreements with the City of Dallas, and conservation district guidelines, to name a few. Our executive officers and committees do their best to serve the common needs and requests by residents WITHIN this framework. There are times when folks don’t agree on issues but are respectful of procedures and consensus. It’s not personal, it’s standard business practice. Visit our .ORG PAGE for KNU By-Laws, Organizational Chart and Dispute Resolution Policy.

KNU holds a monthly meeting on the last Monday and provides an open mic for resident voices to be heard. Join us from 6-6:30pm at KPUMC and share your ideas, comments and concerns in a concise, collaborative and congenial manner so that all attending residents have mic time. 

We are asking good neighbors to STEP UP and fill open board positions. We need more hands to lighten the load, a renewed neighborhood commitment, and the spirit of altruism. Visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE to fill out a short form. 

And if you haven’t paid your dues, PLEASE pay now. We ask all neighbors to participate.

Let’s enjoy the ride together, and not hold on for dear life!!!

Kessler Neighbors United (KNU) is a fully registered Texas non-profit corporation, under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code serving the needs and interests of our Kessler Park residents. We are governed by a non-paid executive committee comprised of four officers that are elected by a voting resident body at the annual meeting held each year. The president, with the consent of the other officers, appoints chairs of various committees and special projects. These committees and our many dedicated volunteers serve as the true “working arm” of the organization. Dues and other contributions are strictly elective, and are essential to funding the activities, services and maintenance of our community.

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