Last Minute Summer Fun, Go Wild!


Oh yes, it’s happening. Summer is fading and back-to school prep is driving us crazy. But there is still plenty of daylight and lots of sunshine to embark on some summer fun for all ages at the zoo! Seriously, how long has it been since you went to a zoo!?! Let’s get on with it then. August 13th is Dollar Day, yeah! Take the DART Red Line straight to Dallas Zoo Station to avoid the traffic and parking. Want an adventure of epic proportion? ZooNorth transforms into Dinos at the Zoo, a prehistoric jungle with over two dozen larger-than-life dinosaurs waiting to be discovered through September 2nd. Scary! Stroll through Nat Geo’s Photo Ark, a project that is chronicling all known species on earth. That’s a big boat. And mark your calendars for September 13th for Brew at the Zoo. Enjoy animal encounters, activities and music over brew and cider samplings. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Reduced ticket rate for designated drivers and unlimited soda and water, really.

And how ‘bout them vultures, ugly creatures but oh so beneficial to the planet’s health and yours! They serve as the environmental sanitation department. The next time you spot a vulture committee (group of vultures) cleaning up the roadside shoulder, show some respect. Click here for all things Dallas Zoo, tickets and roar…


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