Mark your spot with a bronze house plaque


Love where you live!? Conservation District house plaques are a great way to celebrate home and history. Add a 6″ diameter bronze house plaque with the year your home was built. Showboating is perfectly acceptable! Click here to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks fulfillment. The online order form has a link to verify the year that your home was constructed. Simply enter search criteria and then click on the property record for details.

The Kessler Park Conservation District was established by the unanimous approval of the Dallas City Planning Commission on April 14, 2005, followed by the formal adoption of the ordinance by the Dallas City Council on May 25, 2005. The purpose of Conservation Districts is to protect and preserve the architectural integrity, charm and character of older neighborhoods. Click on Conservation District on our site for links to the Kessler Park Conservation District Map, Frequently Asked Questions, Conservation District vs Historic District, and City of Dallas’ Conservation Districts Department info, applications, and forms. Development Standards charts for each sub-area are also posted for your ease in navigating conservation district mandates and planning for a remodel, an addition, or new construction.

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