Moving forward with MOWmentum


Beautification is a slice of KNU’s pie chart that expenses roughly 43% of the annual budget. A good portion of that outlay goes to maintaining the 19 City of Dallas-owned islands/medians and the historic Kessler Steps in our neighborhood, including utilities on islands that are plumbed, plantings, tree trimming and removal, all property improvements, debris clean-up, and liability insurance. We do this in conjunction with the City of Dallas, abiding by the MOWmentum agreement guidelines. As the agent for these properties, we are contractually responsible to the City of Dallas for ensuring the safety of these greenspaces and maintaining a clear line of sight for pedestrians and motor vehicles. 

A major priority for 2022 is to implement sustainable landscape design guidelines on islands and medians, and to employ native, drought-tolerant, and low maintenance plantings suited for our growing region and climate. We plan to work with industry professionals in drafting design plans that will be submitted and approved by the City, and posted on our website for previewing and engagement by residents prior to execution. We will keep you posted on planning stages, progress, and timelines.

As a reminder, the placement of signs, holiday decorations, new plantings and trimming of plants on islands and medians within greater Kessler Park is prohibited without prior approval by Kessler Neighbors United. If you would like to submit your ideas, contact for holiday decorations and for plantings and other effects. If you notice broken sprinklers, or sprinklers running during the day, please alert us ASAP via email

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