Need to Borrow a Cup of Sugar, No Prob! Simply Consult your On-line KNU Directory…


The KNU on-line directory is just a sign-in away. But first, you need to create an account profile, drop in a photo of you, your family and any pets, and a few words about yourself, hobbies, profession, or special interests. You decide what you want to share with neighbors, including means of contact. To be included in the directory, some information is mandatory. It takes just a few minutes. You will then receive an email, prompting you to click on an account activation link. One final action is required… go to our website and log-in using your username and password. This step will automatically activate your account and make your profile searchable in the directory. You can manage your profile information and access all website features. There’s also a handy messaging tool to communicate with other residents. For privacy and security, the directory is accessible to verified KNU member-residents only!

Now you can contact your neighbor for that missing ingredient, borrow the edger or simply say hello!


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