Neighborly Acts of Volunteerism


The word VOLUNTEER used as a noun means a person who voluntarily expresses a willingness to undertake a service or take part in something. As a verb, its meaning is set into action, or to bestow, contribute, donate give, give away, participate, or be in service. As an adjective, the verb or act is driven by freewill, a willingness or volition.

Recent acts of volunteerism by Kessler neighbors took place on our Spring beautification day. Steve Roe, Bill Silverman and Adam, Larry McNally, Stephanie Bazik, John and Enzo Mazzurco, Ed Wynne, and Cindy Pierce flexed their loppers and groomed the grounds. They tackled the green spaces at Kessler Parkway/Edgefield, Nob Hill/Kessler Canyon, Lausanne/Argonne, and Winnetka/Canterbury Ct. Thanks for your participation and show of support!

KNU needs volunteers, acts of service and the willingness of neighbors to help with the operations of Kessler Neighbors United, YOUR neighborhood association. We are seeking energized, worker bees to fill the open board position seats, lend a hand on one of our committees and help spearhead organization tasks, community needs and long-range planning. Please consider volunteering. Click here to browse the committees, find something that interests you, fill out the form, or contact John Crowley at

Kessler Neighbors United is a fully registered Texas non-profit corporation, serving the needs and interests of our Kessler Park residents. Learn more about KNU, by-laws, organization structure and more.

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