No membership dues;
No volunteers to fill key positions;
No future neighborhood association.
What does this mean?


The financial health and well-being of KNU is in jeopardy. KNU memberships are at a post-Covid low, and key board positions and committees need to be filled.

Yes, I want to join KNU for just $60 a year!

I am interested in serving on the board or where needed, sign me up!

This is a call to action for Kessler neighbors. No increase in membership dues payers and no volunteers to fill key roles within the organization, translates to no lasting neighborhood association, removal of greenbelt features, limited grounds maintenance (mowing only), a lack of Conservation District reno and new-build oversight, affected property values, and a host of other implications!

What exactly does this mean for area residents?

No Conservation District oversight or guideline enforcement

No MOWmentum contracts or other co-op agreements with City of Dallas

No grounds upkeep, planting or tree trimming on 19 islands and medians within Kessler Park

No utilities or maintenance on common green belts

No beautification efforts or enhancements

No pet waste station supplies

No safety improvements, line of sight strides or repairs

No website, news or valuable resources at your fingertips

No community enrichment events

No District 1 advocacy or representation

No 501C3 non-profit standing

No Kessler Neighbors United neighborhood association!

Join KNU, pay your membership dues, step up and serve your community and participate in the on-going health and stability of your non-profit neighborhood association.

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