Plant Your Show of Support!


Both past and present military service is observed in the month of May, on Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. It’s a fitting opportunity to get crafty with your show of support!

This project is for kids and adults alike, and starts with a wheelbarrow or pushcart (new or antique), a trip to the nursery or garden section, a pack of American flags, a few helpful hands and a sprinkle of patriotic spirit. First, position you wheelbarrow in a preferred location. Pick up a variety of plants and/or flowers and potting soil, or ready to go potted plants in containers. Next stop is at your local craft store for a package of flags. Now, back to the house and start your planting. You can plant your plants/flowers directly in the wheelbarrow, making sure there is some drainage and a layer of rocks under soil, or you can simply place several potted plants already in containers into the vessel. Add flags and join the rank and file of proud supporters!

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