Poppy fields pin lapel tribute


November 11th is Veterans Day. It’s a time to pause, remember, and honor our military veterans or persons who have served in the United States Armed Forces. To show your support of veterans and remember those that have given the ultimate give of life for your freedoms, make a red paper poppy and pin it to your lapel. It’s a heartfelt way of saying “thank you” to those few that we owe so much. Poppy-making instructions are below.

A simple poem by a World War 1 brigade surgeon poignantly captured the sight of red flowers growing on a ravaged battlefield. The red poppy became a remembrance symbol of veterans worldwide. Veterans today still make these delicate paper petals as a fund-raising effort and rehabilitative feat. To support veteran programs and services, visit the American Legion website and donate.

Major hostilities of World War I were formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, when the Armistice with Germany went into effect. At the urging of major US veteran organizations, Armistice Day was renamed Veterans Day in 1954.

How to make E-Z paper poppies:
Purchase candy or cupcake paper wrappers, preferably in red. Grab 2 wrappers and cut around perimeter in a wave motion. In the middle, use a black marker and draw the flower center in one of the wrappers. With a stick glue, make a dot and press the 2 wrappers together. Flatten the wrapper in the back to add dimension. Put a little glue around the black center. Sprinkle some yellow or gold glitter. Done. You can simply pin the hand-made poppy to your clothes, or you can add a glued-on stem made from green bread ties.

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