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Contributions by individuals and companies help fund special needs and projects, community events and beautification efforts in our 900+ household neighborhood. Most importantly, your contributions nurture collaborative and sustaining community partnerships. See contribution levels below.


This level of contribution is perfect for personal messages, self-employed individuals, or small businesses. Announcements like Just Married, a milestone birthday or anniversary, a tribute or In Memoriam, an honorable mention or a congratulatory message are great ways to utilize this placement. Your banner will be placed on our home page and will serve as a live link to your URL. An additional listing and link to your website will be placed on the footer for viewer access. Please note that you will be in a rotation sequence with other supporters.

  • 1 month banner placement:  $50



Self employed or small business


Personal message





  • Size: 1120 x 90
  • File format and resolution: .jpg, .pdf, .png at 300dpi preferably
  • Please do not include any phone numbers, a physical address, web address, or email in artwork. Reference to locale is okay, i.e., Bishop Arts, Oak Cliff or Medical District
  • Please send us your logo/content or finished artwork.
  • For your convenience, contribute via our store.
  • Download Banner Reservation Form

Just Because

Your generous out of the blue donations are used for undercapitalized projects. A little goes a long way…

For your convenience, contribute via our store.

Sponsor a Special Project or Need

Unforeseen and unappropriated special projects or needs arise on occasion like our doggie stations, signage and safety improvements that enhance our neighborhood. We will alert you of any upcoming projects or needs.

Event Sponsor

The success of community events like our annual Kessler Krawl rely on your support. We will keep you posted on planning efforts for next year and sponsorship opportunities.

For more information or assistance please contact us.


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