Proof is in the KNU pudding


What exactly does pudding have to “due” with KNU? National Butterscotch Day is celebrated on September 19th. As with any good recipe for success, KNU relies on a helping of several ingredients.

What are those required ingredients? Resident-member enthusiasm, volunteerism, collective goals, and contributions. The recipe calls for effective management, working on behalf of the common good, adhering to City agreements, upholding Conservation District guidelines and patience. A good temperament, compromise and sweat equity help smooth out the lumps and bumps, yielding a well-blended consistency and desirable mix!

Grounds maintenance, safety improvements, utilities, communication efforts, City co-op programs and behind-the-scenes daily operations are supported by this recipe. And then there’s the unforeseen additives like storm damage cleanup, utility equipment servicing, a broken water line and so forth. Dues are essential to the non-profit’s recipe for success.  If you haven’t paid your dues, please do so. Pay my dues.  

Proof is in the KNU pudding. When dues are electively paid and the annual budget met, expenditures are directed to operating costs and things get done!  

For KNU’s operating budget, please take a moment a review the pie chart on our home page. 

KNU holds a monthly meeting on the last Monday and provides an open mic for resident voices to be heard. Join us from 6-6:30pm at KPUMC and share your ideas, comments and concerns in a concise, collaborative and congenial manner so that all attending residents have mic time. 

We are asking good neighbors to STEP UP and fill open board positions. We need more hands to lighten the load, a renewed neighborhood commitment, and the spirit of altruism. Visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE to fill out a short form. 

Kessler Neighbors United (KNU) is a fully registered Texas non-profit corporation, under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code serving the needs and interests of our Kessler Park residents. We are governed by a non-paid executive committee comprised of four officers that are elected by a voting resident body at the annual meeting held each year. The president, with the consent of the other officers, appoints chairs of various committees and special projects. These committees and our many dedicated volunteers serve as the true “working arm” of the organization. Dues and other contributions are strictly elective, and are essential to funding the activities, services and maintenance of our community.

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