Proposed zoning change & petition


Conservation Districts along with zoning requirements are established to protect neighborhood characteristics such as architecture styles, density, structure height and setback. A zoning change application (Case Z201-245) has been submitted to the City of Dallas Dept. of Sustainable Development and Construction to create a new sub-district within Conservation District No. 13 (Kessler Park), subarea 3.

The proposed sub-district would include only the property at 1658 Nob Hill Road. The applicant is seeking to increase the maximum number of stories allowed (maximum allowed is currently two stories), amend the measurement of height, and amend the side and rear yard setback. The City and applicant are currently reviewing options and revised plans. The zoning change application is active.

If you oppose the zoning change, a petition is in an outdoor brochure box located at 1626 Kessler Canyon Drive. An in-person signature is required.
Email for more information.


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