So Long & Happy Trails to Our KNU NOCUPP Rep and Good Friend Terry Egger…


North Oak Cliff United Police Patrol Representative Terry Egger is moving from Kessler and hanging his hat in Fairview. He has served KNU and our residents as liaison to NOCUPP for many years, advancing crime prevention and community safety. We send him off with well wishes and many sincere thanks, and hope he tips his hat our way on occasion! We want to welcome Larry McNally and Jenn Gonzalez, who will assume the role. Don’t forget, the NOCUPP Winter-Spring Membership Drive is underway. For just $1 a day, rest assured that you are on the NOCUPP radar with increased crime protection, vaca and construction watch, direct access to PDP officers on patrol, and added bennies for less than the cost of a small coffee a day! Hello to a restful night’s sleep! Join NOCUPP, click here.


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