Storms A Brewed and Cleanup is in Progress…


Storm damage was reported on the Kessler Steps, Windomere/Belleau and Edgefield/Colorado islands. Here’s a quick status update… The Beautification Committee was aided by an organized group of neighbors who helped clear bamboo and storm damage from the Kessler Steps. High five to Greg Evans, Steve Roe, Ron Veech, Kim Dunbar, Bill Schurr, Charles Hatfield and Cindy Pierce! Trees also toppled down other trees, leaving broken and dangling fragments that are awaiting City attention. The Steps remain closed, so please exercise caution. Thanks to Robert Kucharski and Kim Dunbar, the fallen tree on the Windomere/Belleau was removed. The City also carted off debris from Edgefield/Colorado. Additionally, 8 yards of mulching and weeding was completed on Kessler Parkway/Colorado, Edgefield/Kessler Parkway, Clinton, Montclair/Argoone and Montclair/Colorado, and Janette Zabranski donated clumps of red amaryllis which were planted on the Clinton island.


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