The Cost of a Slice of Pie


Special ingredients go into each slice of pie that makes up KNU’s annual operating budget. One ingredient is YOU and a modest dues contribution of $50, coupled with other revenue generated through fundraising efforts like brick sales, special gifts, branded goods sales, website banners & sponsorships, and Krawl ticket sales. Our 2019 estimated operating budget is $60,000. Do you know where your dollars go? Click here for the whole pie. When you pass by one of our groomed islands, raise the bar on an exercise station, hit a few tennis balls or enjoy the rose beds on your morning walk, please take note that grounds maintenance is just one slice of pie. Let’s ALL wear the pastry chef’s hat, add to the mix and get KNU’s projections met & goals accomplished. It is time to increase resident participation, as based on the needs of our neighborhood, the work load and budgetary considerations. Let’s do this!

YOU are the special ingredient that contributes to a perfectly baked outcome. THANK YOU for your continued monetary support, event attendance, active volunteerism and the MANY ways that you contribute.


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