The Dos of Dues


To date, approximately 1 out of every 4.5 homes in Kessler Park have paid their annual $50 KNU dues. These good neighbors are carrying the load for the whole of our resident body, and contributing to the dos of common area ground maintenance, utilities, historic preservation/revitalization efforts, street and sidewalk maintenance, safety improvements, special projects & unforeseen expenses, neighborhood events & socials, communication efforts, website, collaborative support of non-profit groups, goods and contracted vendor services and more. It’s takes a village to sustain one, so please jump on the bandwagon, invest in YOUR community, and make the modest dues commitment of just $50 for the year. Your dues get our dos accomplished!

We are a 501C3 Non-Profit organization, 100% volunteer-driven, and in need of your support! There are many ways to get involved. Check out our various committees, sign up for our fall and spring beautification days, check out a wealth of conservation district information, and explore the many resources and happenings on our official website. We’d be delighted to work alongside you in reaching common goals, and enhancing our neighborhood.

Additionally, we are asking ALL residents to create a website profile which enters you into the online directory. There’s a handy messaging tool that allows you to message neighbors, post family and pet photos and add other interesting tidbits about your household. Your active profile keeps out database up to date, and communication channels open. Plus, it is a secure, non-public platform that is for KNU member-residents only. Be sure to always log in when visiting our website.

You can reach a KNU representative via our Contact Page, with any questions, concerns or suggestions.


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