Tricked Out Party Treats


All dressed up and nowhere to go? Then throw a ghoulish gathering! Here are a few tricked-out healthy party treat ideas for your Halloween party…

Monster Sandwiches

  • You can use standard white bread or a nice sourdough. First, cut off the crust and shape the bread pieces in rectangles. Cut the top bread slice in half, in a zig-zag pattern (to mimic razor sharp teeth). Add mayo, mustard or spread of choice and pile on the sliced ham or prosciutto. Top the sandwich with the cut bread pieces, add olive slices for eyes and plate for presentation.

Banana Ghosts

  • Peel and half the bananas. Push in 3 chocolate chips for hallow eyes and a mouth. Done. The tricky part is to get the ghostly fellows to stand up, so bunch them together for group support or use a dollop of icing to adhere to platter.

Tangerine Pumpkins

  • Peel away. Now, cut a celery stick into smaller pieces to be used as the pumpkin stems, and partially insert in the top of the tangerine. Keep working on your pumpkin patch.

Add other party foods and fillers for ease of preparation, table decor, and beverages. And beware of uninvited guests that creep in, as they may stay awhile!

Have a safe and hauntingly good time this Halloween in the neighborhood.


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