Upcoming KNU Officer Election & Annual Meeting


It’s that time of year for the KNU Officer nominations and election process, and the Annual Meeting to be held on November 17th, 7pm at Kessler Park United Methodist Church (KPUMC). Please consider active community involvement. The positions and their primary responsibilities follow:

  • President – Serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and presides at all meetings of the board. Oversees all processes and workings of the Corporation, manages information flow, forges community alliances, and serves as chief representative & neighborhood ambassador.  All candidates must have a minimum of 1 year board experience as either an officer or chair of a standing committee.
  • Vice President – Performs the duties of the President upon his/her absence and has primary responsibility for organizing and overseeing fund-raising initiatives.
  • Treasurer – Serves as custodian of the Corporation’s funds, manages all account receivables and payables, coordinates with the Corporation’s certified public accountant (CPA), keeps the Board up to date on financial matters, and assists the Corporation’s CPA in filing an annual 501(c)(3) tax return with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Secretary – Records meeting minutes and oversees the Corporation’s records. 

A nominations committee consisting of 2 board members (not running in the election) and one neighbor representative will manage and prepare a slate of 2022 KNU officer nominees/bios, to be announced in the November newsletter.

If you are interested in running for a KNU board position, please send your nomination to info@kesslerneighbors.org by October 21th. Organization By-Laws require officers to attend monthly board meetings and uphold the duties of a given board position. Additionally, a former officer that was previously removed from office is disqualified from serving as a future officer of the Corporation.

There are also other committees with vacant chair positions that need to be filled. The committee chairs serve on the board and support the workings of KNU. Committees include new neighbor, beautification, holidays, communications, streetscapes, conservation, membership, and store. PLEASE consider serving. Visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE to fill out a short form.

We need more hands to lighten the load, a renewed neighborhood commitment, and the spirit of altruism. 

Kessler Neighbors United (KNU) is a fully registered Texas non-profit corporation, under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code serving the needs and interests of our Kessler Park residents. We are governed by a non-paid executive committee comprised of four officers that are elected by a voting resident body at the annual meeting held each year. The president, with the consent of the other officers, appoints chairs of various committees and special projects. These committees and our many dedicated volunteers serve as the true “working arm” of the organization. Dues and other contributions are strictly elective, and are essential to funding the activities, services, and maintenance of our neighborhood.

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