We’re Now Taking Nominations for KNU Officer Elections


The KNU board has selected the Nominations Committee, represented by Ron Veech, Cindy Pierce and David   Dunnigan. This committee will prepare a slate of candidates for the 2017 officer positions. We are calling for nominations, so please send KNU officer nominations for yourself or a neighbor to beautification@kesslerneighborsunited.org. All officers must be available to attend the monthly board meetings. The candidate slate will be announced in the November newsletter and the election will take place November 16, 2017, at the KNU General Meeting. See KNU Board Positions & Primary Responsibilities below.

In addition to the board positions, KNU has many committees on which you can serve. These committees keep our neighborhood up & running, so please consider volunteering and playing an active role in KNU! Visit our Volunteer page and see which committee best suits you, fill out the form and jump in…

KNU Board positions & primary responsibilities are:

President – The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and presides at all meetings of the Board. A minimum of one year service on the Board as either an Officer or Chair of a Standing Committee required.

Vice-President – The Vice-President will perform the duties of the President upon his/her absence and has the primary responsibility of organizing and overseeing the Kessler Krawl and other ticketed fun-raising events.

Secretary – The Secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings and keeps the Corporation’s records. This position is also responsible for organizing and managing the KNU annual picnic.

Treasurer – The Treasurer has custody of all the Corporation’s funds, manages all account receivables and payables, provides expenditure and deposit receipts to the Corporation’s certified public accountant (CPA), keeps the Board up-to-date on all financial matters, and assists the Corporation’s CPA in filing an annual 501(c)(3) tax return with the Internal Revenue Service.


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