Your $55 Association Dues Turn on the Lights


We are buzzing behind the scenes every day to ensure that the lights in the neighborhood are turned on! There are many 2020 operations and associated expenses that seamlessly unfold on a day-to-day basis here in Kessler Park. Green belts, common grounds and utilities are not maintained by the City of Dallas. Beautification efforts, safety improvements, exercise equipment, tennis courts, dog waste stations, paths & walkways, benches and fountains, art installations and a host of other neighborhood fixtures are managed by KNU. Your association dues and other fund-raising proceeds fuel these undertakings. In addition, we co-op expenses with other organizations on shared enhancements, we apply for revitalization grants, we negotiate with the City on a host of streetscape issues, and we address emergency situations like storm damage restoration and unforeseen mishaps. These are just a few of the many things that KNU manages, powered by an elected volunteer executive committee and ad hoc committee chairs that forms the board. And we could not do it without the sweat equity of residents throughout the calendar year!

Visit our Volunteer page for a description of active committees and other volunteering needs. If something suits your fancy, fill out the on-line form. We accept brains & brawn! If you don’t have the time to serve on a committee, consider lending a hand at our spring or fall clean-up day, Kessler Krawl or other events.


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